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Hello everyone, and welcome to the NU Media Thread! This thread can be used to post all sorts of NU mediums, from YouTube videos to social media posts.

Here's a specific list of things you can post in this thread:
  1. YouTube Videos (Suspect coverage, lives, etc.)
  2. Facebook posts (e.g. Spotlights, team highlights, etc.)
  3. Articles
  4. Live Streams
  5. Anything else you can come up with (with permission from Yoshi or the NU moderator team)
General Rules:
  1. Please keep the posts NU related.
  2. Don't clickbait people (i.e. have it look NU related but be something entirely different).
  3. Don't just spam your videos / posts. Try and have some sort of description to go along with whatever you would like to post.
  4. You can comment on people's posts here, but don't get too crazy with this.
Any post in this thread is subject to removal by the NU moderator team.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the NU moderator team, or DM Yoshi on Discord at Yoshi#4512. Have fun everyone!
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Here's one of my many NU lives that I uploaded yesterday! I wanted to display Scrafty since it coincides with my team building competition, I believe the team used here was posted by Rabia in that thread. If you want the team, you can check out that thread, or you can find it in the link of the description of this video. Enjoy!

Edit: As it turns out, this was a team GW gave to me. Rabia's team was used in a live coming out this Thursday!
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Fitting that my first post on here is a shit video like this one. Have you ever wondered what if three GOAT youtubers (myself, GW, and Ho3nConfirm3d) and Yoshi collaborated for something other than videos? Well in NU Clout Tours, we'll be hosting custom tournaments and talking about NU in general. Our first tour is a SSNU Nuzlocke being hosted today at around 6:30 PM EST (gmt -4) :>

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